Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This or That?

So Sally from the Makeup Directory tagged me in this really cool 'This or That' post. Thank you Sally!!
I thought I'd give a go because these are always nice to read to help you learn more about someone. It allows you a little insight into my mad mind.

Blush or bronzer? : To be honest, I normally wear both. Is that a beauty faux pas? Oops, if it is. I use the bronzer under the cheekbones (like a contour) and the blush on the cheeks. But if I had to choose to wear only one it would be bronzer because it adds a bit of warmth to my pale face.

Lip gloss or lipstick? : Lipstick. I find lipgloss quite sticky (that’s not the right adjective but I can’t think of a better one).
Eyeliner or mascara? : Mascara. I have teeny tiny eyelashes, no exaggeration! With a few coats of mascara they almost look normal sized. But I do ear both normally.
Foundation or concealer? : Foundation. My skin isn’t great, it has an uneven skintone and just doesn’t look great with only concealer.
Neutral or colour eyeshadow? : Neutral. I don’t think I’ve ever colour eyeshadow outside of experimentation in my bedroom.
Pressed or loose eyeshadows? : Pressed. I’ve never worn loose because I imagine it would be quite messy and give a lot of fallout!
Brushes or sponges? : When I’m applying my foundation I prefer to use a combination of both (I can be quite heavy handed with my brush and the sponge fixes it a little) but brushes are my favourite by far! Besides the obvious problem with sponges (they just drink up my faoundation) I feel that brushes are just so versatile and can give so many different looks.

OPI or China Glaze? : OPI. I just fell in love with them a few years ago. The quality is just amazing!
Long or short? : Long. I just don’t like the look of small nails on me, it just looks wrong! If only I could get the damn things to stop breaking when they get long!
Acrylic or natural? : I’m a natural nails kind of girl. I jusrt can’t get the hang of acrylic, I can never pick anything up and I just feel silly.
Brights or darks? : Brights. I like them big and vibrant… an orange cone on the side of a road.

Perfume or body splash? : Perfume. Although, the only perfumes I own have been given to me as presents, I normally just go for the cheaper eau de toillete versions.
Lotion or body butter? : Body butter. I just love the feel of it!
Body wash or soap? : Soap. I like how convenient body wash is but I much prefer soap.
Lush or another bath company? : I’m not aware of many othe companies with products similar to Lush.  So in that case…..Lush it is!

Jeans or sweat pants? : Ah you gotta love jeans, they just go with everything!
Long sleeve or short? : Mid length? Can I say that? I prefer mid length.
Dresses or skirts? : I’ll be honest I don’t really wear either during daytime, I’ve just never been a skirt or dress kind of girl. I’m trying to incorporate them more into daytime but I just keep reverting back to jeans. But I always wear skirts or dresses when I go out. I think my favourite would have to be dresses because it requires less planning ( you don’t need to go looking for a top that  suits your dress). Gosh I’m so lazy……
Stripes or plaid? : Neither! But I have one plaid scarf so I suppose I’ll choose that.
Flip flops or sandals? : I love sandals, they are so cute. If only the weather was better around here and it rained a little less so I could actually wear them.
Scarves or hats? : Oh I have a big love for hats, even if they do give me hat hair! I love how thanks to Cara Delevigne people have started wearing more beanie hats.
Studs or dangly earrings? : I actually don’t have my ears pierced…sob! I’ve had them pierced twice now but both times I just let them close up…Ooops! I love big dangly earrings and if I do decide to pierce them AGAIN I’d wear dangly earrings.
Necklaces or bracelets? : It’s not a conscious decision but I wear bracelets a lot more than I wear necklaces.
Heels or flats? : I really wish I could deal with the pain and wear heels all the time, but I can’t even survive a whole night wearing heels! But out of sheer stubbornness I’m picking heel because I do prefer them even if they don’t prefer me.
Cowboy boots or riding boots? : Neither! I’m not a fan of either.
Jacket or hoodie? : Jackets look better but I wear hoodies more because they are more convenient! But I’m picking jackets for this one.
Forever21 or Charlotte Russe? : I’m not aware of a Charlotte Russe store in Ireland but I actually don’t really like F21. It’s just too big! I find myself disorientated and leaving without buying anything and just going into new Look which is next door.
Abercrombie or Hollister? : Both overrated.

Curly or straight? : Straight! I’ve tried making my hair curly but it just doesn’t hold.
Bun or ponytail? : Ponytail.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? : Bobby pins. I’ve never been a fan of butterfly clips.
Hairspray or gel? : Hairspray, preferably Elnett. Gel just looks greasy on my hair.
Long or short? : Long. I’m currently trying to grow my hair a little longer but the damn thing JUST WON’T GROW!
Light or dark? : Light. As light as possible. I died my hair brown back in January with semi-permanent hair dye over my peroxide highlights. My plan is to stay brunette for 6 months. When it was initially dyed it was dark(ish) but now 4 months later it can be described as very light brown. There’s no way I’m making it darker again!
Side bangs or full bangs? : Side. Only because I’ve never had a full fringe. I’m currently mulling over the idea of getting a full fringe though.
Up or down? : Down, but then it gets in the way at times.

Rain or shine? : Shine! There’s just too much rain all the time in Ireland.
Summer or Winter? : Summer, but our summers aren’t that different to winter.
Fall or Spring? : Spring, because that’s when all the baby calves and lambs are born!
Chocolate or vanilla? : Strawberry! That should be an option.
East coast or West coast? : I guess east because I’m a big fan of Dublin.

And now it's my turn to tag a few blogs that i think would like to do this.
Thank you so much for reading, hope my musings were interesting for you!



  1. Your very pretty. I love your nails and make-up x

  2. Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you to say!


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