Monday, 30 September 2013

Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Eyeliner Deep Purple: Review

A little beauty trick I've seen time and time again is to use a purple eyeliner instead of a black one. It is meant to make my green eyes pop. So when I saw this new kohl liner from maybelline in my local Boots I just had to buy it!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Get Ready With Me: Going Out Hair

When I go out I like my hair BIG and I mean real big! I'm all about the volume. Recently instead of just straightening my hair and then backcombing it to within an inch of it's life I've started using my Babyliss heated rollers.These add volume and a nice curl and definition to my hair. So here is just my step by step way of how I style my hair when I'm going out.

Step 1:
I start with unstraightened dry hair (preferably washed the day before). I prep my hair either by spraying all over with hairspray or mousse and I then divide my hair into three sections. I have a fringe so I just clip that in so that I don't accidentally roll it.

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