Thursday, 16 May 2013

So why do you wear makeup?

Why do you wear makeup?

It's a question I think a lot of girls are asked from time to time. Some wear it daily, some wear it now and again and many only wear it for special occasions and now and again you find people who never wear it EVER! I myself would wear it everyday if i could, but I'm lazy with a capitol L and because I have to get up at an ungodly hour every morning I actually don't bother with it. I could go for a week or so without it. You see makeup isn't something I need to's something i want to wear.

Now I've heard it over and over again "why are you bothering wearing makeup, we aren't going anywhere", "it's bad for your skin", " girls wear makeup to impress boys", "girls wear makeup to impress other girls" "people only wear makeup because to give themselves more confidence" etc etc the list goes on. I've read many articles asking why people bother with makeup and others from people saying they just don't feel like themselves without their makeup. Everyone has their own opinions to makeup and reasons for wearing it or not wearing it.

So I felt like I'd right this little post to talk about myself and my reasons for adoring makeup.So I'm sure many of you have seen the recent pictures floating around the internet of pron stars before and after their makeup (if you haven't google it, the transformations are amazing). I've shown this to many friends and everyone has a different reactions to viewing it and interprets the photographs in their own way. I personally love the photographs and the transformations, I understand that that style of makeup isn't to everyone's taste but it is truly astounding to see the difference.

This is just one of the many examples of the before and
after photos, there's loads more, go look them up.
So anyway I feel like I'm rambling on too much. The reason I love and wear makeup is the way it can transform your face. It truly can. If you are unhappy with any small part of your body then you can alter it using makeup. Now obviously I'm not saying there is anything wrong with anyone's body and that anyone should be ashamed of who they are, nothing like that but I'm never going to embrace my large pores, tiny eyes or birthmark scar along my neck but thanks to my makeup I can change that, I can make my pores less visible, my eyes wider, elongate my lashes and make that birthmark disappear.

I don't wear it to give myself confidence or to trick people into thinking I'm pretty. I am who I am and I'd much rather people judge me for my personality than anything else but I just love the change the makeup can give. It can lift your face, give the impressions of model like cheekbones or help achieve fuller lips, whatever you want you can probably do. In a way it's like a temporary piece of art.

So ya, thank you so much for reading my little ramble. I hope you liked it and I wasn't too impossible to understand ( I tend to go off on a tangent when writing).

So I'd love to know, why do you wear makeup? Why do you love makeup (if you even do)? If you're reading this you more than likely already have a huge interest in cosmetics so do you often find you have to explain your love of makeup? It's my biggest hobby, when I'm stressed I'll go to my room and practice some makeup application to calm myself down but I often feel like no one understands. It's not like sport or music so I'm weird or even vain and superficial for having such an interest (I'm not btw). But do you often feel like you have to justify your relationship with makeup?

Thanks for reading, I'd love to hear everyone's views!


  1. I really like this post :) Make up should always be a personal preference (although i'm not a fan of the very OTT Essex look, but each to their own, i'd never judge just on make up alone) I love how different individuals have different styles, just like clothing and accessories.
    I have a strange relationship with makeup. From the age of 12 I started wearing VERY heavy black eyes (to school, oh dear) because I was a bit of a goth back in the day and from then, I feel very naked and open without make up. For a long time I hated myself and make up would help me to cover myself up. Fortunately over the years I've learnt so much more about make up and I've got SOOOOO much better at it, of course, as doing something over time... you get better. Because i'm quite insecure in myself I never thought i'd EVER be without make up in front of my boyfriend, the thought of it terrified me a lot. But now, nearly 4 years down the line he's the one taking my make up off for me, haha. I'm learning to love and appreciate myself and the way I look rather than put myself down. I've gone from never wanting to be make up-less in front of my boyfriend to him taking my make up off! It's silly but i'm quite proud of that, it took a long time. I do still wear make up almost every day, but I just like to look presentable and make an effort. I vary the amount I wear.. some days just foundation, eyebrows and mascara. It's so strange that feeling more comfortable in my own skin makes me feel a lot better about wearing make up, if that makes sense. I feel 'prettier' with make up rather than feeling like i'm trying to cover myself up or pretend to be someone else.

    Isn't it strange that most porn stars look, well 'a bit rough and normal' without make up. They don't look like the same person. I'm sure many girls feel more comfortable in themselves after seeing those photos and I especially hope it's opened the eyes of teen boys everywhere.

    Sorry for the maaaassive comment, I get carried away, but again, great post :) x


  2. No Lillie don't apologise at all,I'm actually so flattered you took the time to write such a personal response.
    I think it's amazing the lengths you've come to become more comfortable in your skin, I find it so inspiring. I feel so proud of you for overcoming some of your insecurities! I think it's great. Hahaha I love the image of your boyfriend taking your makeup off, that makes me giggle.

    I loved your comment, thanks so much for taking the time to write it

  3. This is something I've been struggling with for a while now, really thought provoking post! Well done :)

    For me, my skin is just coming back from a rough patch so I'm trying to stay make up free at home but I have to put something on leaving the house... I just wouldn't feel right without it, which is sad really. I'm waiting for my skin to be perfect, when in reality that probably won't happen. I never thought I was influenced by 'perfection' in the media but I suppose it just goes to show we all are a little bit!
    Ash xx

    1. Thank you, that really means a lot to me.
      I have to agree with you about the influence from the media, I think we all are even if we know it or not. Can you imagine what our perception of beauty would be if we never saw any photos of celebrities?
      I really happy for you that your skin is getting over its bad patch, something like that can be so tough!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment

  4. For me, I love makeup, I love the colours and how it makes you look you but a wee bit fresher, in essence it's fun and that's why I like it! I do prefer myself with makeup on but I'm not afraid of who I am without makeup and skincare is as fun to me now as makeup!

    1. Actually ya, I've noticed since I started blogging how much more interested I now am in skincare, its great!
      I love your outlook to makeup even if unlike you I'm a little scared of too much colour...hehehe

  5. Great post that really gets you thinking! I think alongside the actual application of makeup and all the wonders it can do, I actually LOVE everything about finding a product, purchasing it and then coming home to admire and use it haha! I could spend hours looking online and in stores working out what I want to buy and try out next! Simply because its fun! As for wearing it I'm pretty much like the rest of us, I don't feel overly confident without it although i'm more than happy to be makeup-less in front of my boyfriend, family, friends ect, but I will nearly always make the effort to make myself up to go out in public - funny really as its the strangers we'll never see again that we want to make the biggest impression on.

    thanks for the post!

  6. Great post!

    It's brave of you to put up a picture of yu withouth the make up but you are right in the sense it does transform the way you look.

    There have been times where I've wanted to do a foundation review and show what my skin looked like beforehand, and what it looks like after however it's unfortunate that some idiots from my real life know about my blog (even though I've tried to keep it as rivate as poss!) and the last thing I need is someone mocking me. I have gone into work and places withouth make up which I'm comfortable with, but it's a lot different when it's on the internet and the pictures can be circulated, if you know what I mean?



  7. I love make up and wear it everyday except the weekend unless I'm going out. Personally I just like looking primed and at my best lol, great post hun xoxo.

  8. Such a lovely post, I love getting a new product and rushing home to try it out. I'm in the middle of exams at the moment and my skin has taken a turn for the worst -what stress does to us all! Lots to think about, thank you.

    My blog is still a baby in the blogging world, If you have a minute please stop by and give me some feedback - I would really appreciate it!

    Happy new follower,

    Emily xxx

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  10. I think I have days were I really need it and days when I just want light makeup, every one is different I guess! I am a new follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance! xxx

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  12. great post! i reallly love your blog! you have great taste, it looks amazing!
    please could you check out mine? would be such an honour!!!

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  15. Great post :) you definitely start to feel a tad superficial piling it on each day but actually I really enjoy the routine and like you say, find it almost therapeutic and relaxing to do :) keep going, you don't have to justify your hobbies - or your face, to anyoneeee! xxoxoxo


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