Thursday, 2 May 2013

Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen

Okay, you know the way I always praise gel liner to the high heavens? Well I've got a confession. I've been experimenting. *gasp*

Now that you've had a moment to regain your composure, let me explain. About three weeks ago I came across my old Rimmel flash liner (it's a felt tip liner), and if I'm honest i kind of liked it. Now I've had it maybe 4 years or so but when I bought it I just didn't like it so I left it at the bottom of my makeup pile and forgot about it. I tested it out again a few weeks ago and really liked the style of felt liners. But the Rimmel liner is not only VERY out of date but it quite dry (if I remember correctly that's why I didn't like it in the first place so I can't blame the dryness on being around a long time), so i decided to try my luck out with a new felt tipped liquid liner. I took myself into town and did a spot of shopping.

I went out and bought the new Catrice Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen in Blackest Black. This is the new addition to Catrice's Calligh pen range. The other tips are slightly thicker than their slim counterpart. I decided to go for the ultra slim as opposed to the original due to the face that at times I can be a little heavy handed, resulting in many a thick eyeliner disaster. And anyway, I prefer the thin line look. One downside to this new addition is it only comes in black (fine for me as that was what I wanted), which is a pity that there isn't more colour range.

According to their website ultra slim tips are the latest trend from Asia. As you can see from the picture it's quite a long thin tip, much longer than my Rimmel pen, but I like that. It isn't very sturdy though. I'd have like if it held it's stiffness a bit more.

As you can see it gives a nice fine line. Not the blackest of blacks that it claims to be but black enough, I'd probably go over it with a black eyeshadow if I was wearing it out. It's no high quality pen but for €3.49 it does a decent job.

The swatch on my arm stayed put for the whole day but I'm afraid the same couldn't be said for the liner on my eye. I noticed it starting to fade on my eyes but i will admit I was rubbing my eyes quite a bit.

All in all I think this is a really nice felt liner. Much better than my Rimmel one. It's great quality for its price and give a nice thin straight line which really was all I asked for.
Will I be repurchasing it? Honestly, no I'd like to try out other felt liners and see what else is out there.
Will I be replacing my beloved gel liner with it? No, but I will still be using quite a bit. It's quicker to use than my gel liner and I am less likely to make mistakes with it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, what is your favoutite type of eyeliner?
Have you used this one? Any thoughts?


  1. I always use Revlon felt eyeliner, its easy to use, very black and beautiful.
    But it is a bit to thick to use so this actually looks amazing.
    I'll definitely like to try it.

    Kelly ||

  2. I love Revlon but I'd probably have to shy away from its felt liner because knowing me I'd end up with such big eyeliner lines and just look so silly!
    Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

  3. I use the maybelline studio liner, this looks like a great alternative I will have to try. lovely post!


  4. Really? Me too! It's by far my favourite liner out there, although I still think I haven't quite mastered it (a year later).

  5. Not bad at all and that's a seriously straight line!

    1. Thank you! I got lucky with it, normally I draw quite wonky lines.

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