Saturday, 28 September 2013

Get Ready With Me: Going Out Hair

When I go out I like my hair BIG and I mean real big! I'm all about the volume. Recently instead of just straightening my hair and then backcombing it to within an inch of it's life I've started using my Babyliss heated rollers.These add volume and a nice curl and definition to my hair. So here is just my step by step way of how I style my hair when I'm going out.

Step 1:
I start with unstraightened dry hair (preferably washed the day before). I prep my hair either by spraying all over with hairspray or mousse and I then divide my hair into three sections. I have a fringe so I just clip that in so that I don't accidentally roll it.

Step 2:
My hair has layers and often the hair in sections aren't the same length which means I often have trouble getting the ends of my hair around the hot roller. When this happens I take a square of tin foil and fold it over the ends of the hair.

I start with the top of my head. I take a section of hair, pull it forward and place it in large hot roller. I roll the hair towards my forehead keeping the hair taut. I then place a pin in it to keep it in place.

Step 3:
I continue with the middle section working my way back to the nape of the neck creating a mohawk down my head. I secure these rollers tightly with clips.

Step 4:
Now for the side sections. I like to have smooth hair at the crown and curls at the bottom of my hair so to achieve this I don't roll the side sections all the way to the scalp. I take a section at the side of my face, roll my hair over the roller, keeping the hair low and then roll towards my head.

Step 5:
With the next section I roll the hair under the roller. I like to alternate how my hair is rolled (over or under the roller) to achieve a more natural curl (I want to avoid ringlets at all costs!!!).

Step 6:
I keep rolling my hair until my whole head is covered. I then spray hairspray over my head and leave the rollers to cool down. This is normally when I do my makeup for the night. I normally take so long to do my makeup that the rollers are fully cooled down by the time I'm done.

Step 7:
I carefully remove the rollers and run my fingers through my hair to loosen the curls. I add another touch of hairspray just to keep the curls in place.

Step 8:
Finally to add some extra volume to my hair I sprinkle Scharzkopf Osis dust it on my roots. This stuff really adds some extra volume to finish off the look. Then I'm ready to go out and have a great night!

So I hope you enjoyed this little post. I'm thinking of doing a few more get ready with me type post so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading


  1. wonderful look, you are very beautiful girl! ♥
    following you now.

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