Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ebay Summer Fashion Wishlist

As summer is within touching distance, I've been scouring the internet for any excuse to buy new pretty things. Ebay has been my go to recently and I've complied this list of some of the items I'm currently counting my pennies for.

Deathly Hallows Tee // Tartan Scarf // Geometric Shawl // Bracelet //
Flower Headband // Hat // Summer Dress //
Satchel // Go Fuck Your Selfie Tee // Polka Dot Blouse

I'm a huuuge Harry Potter fan (who isn't?) so when i came across this Deathly Hallows tee it was love at first sight. It helps that I also like burgundy. As I live in Ireland our summer weather lasts for one week (two if we are lucky) so although the tartan scarf and the shawl aren't technically summer clothes.......I know for a fact that scarfs and jackets will be needed during the beautiful Irish summer.

Summer time = festival time for me! The flower headband, wooly hat, satchel and go f*ck your selfie tee would be essential item for me at a festival. The headband because....whats a festival without a bunch of flowers in your hair. The hat because once again the Irish weather can be cruel but you still got to look good at a festival! The tee, although maybe not to everyones taste, is hilarious in my opinion. I just love it and i can't wait to get it. I just hope it's good enough quality. Everyone knows that you'll be gone from your tent for a looong time at a festival so it's better to keep your phone, wallet, keys etc with you at all times and i think the satchel would be super cute and handy to have.

And just in case we do get some nice weather this summer, I need to be prepared. I think the white dress would look so lovely on a sunny day by the lake and the bracelet would match it well. I've also been on the lookout for a nice blouse and this polka dot one seems versatile and practical enough while still seeming fashionable.

"Ahhh... Katie, what about sunglasses???" I hear you say? Well obviously no summer outfit would be complete without some big sunnies. I've a special post coming shortly that will explain my reason for leaving them out.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed my little ebay ramblings. Have you bought much off ebay in the past and if so was the quality any good?



  1. Ive not met a person who doesn't like harry potter actually - i still haven't been the harry potter studio though :( I really like these picks, perfect for summer and esp festivals :) I've bought a couple of things from ebay and was actually really impressed with the quality and how quickly everything came. Had a few mishaps but nothing that would stop me from buying things again. I really like ebay because there are so many fab things on there, esp at a cheaper price! x
    | Life as a Petite |

    1. Ya, I only realised as I was writing this that I've never met someone who disliked Harry Potter. It's crazy! Neither have I :( but a friend was there last summer and it looks AMAZING!
      It's so good to hear about people having good experiences with ebay, it's such a great option. So far I've only gotten small things like a beauty blender dupe and phone covers so I'm quite nervous to be branching out into buying clothes! xx

  2. Great choices that you have gathered from Ebay, I really love the dress and that cardigan :) great blog, look forward to reading more of your posts :) xx


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