Thursday, 25 April 2013

Tips to make your gel liner as good as new!

So as I mentioned in my review of my makeup collection my eyeliner of choice is gel! I've been using the same pot of Maybelline Lasting Drama liner for over a year now. I love it! It gives a great longlasting dark line that is smudgeproof and waterproof (although I still manage to smudge it over my eyelid when I'm applying it). One great thing I love about gel liners is you can make the line as think or thin as you'd like.

But sadly gel liners dry up making them hard to apply, flakey clumpy and generally not what you want from your liner. There are some things you can to help your gel liner last longer like:

  • Keep it away from harsh light (this goes for most beauty products really)
  • Store the tub upside down
  • Keep the lid closed at all times and only open it when you are using it

You can kind of see here that the liner is lumpy and
caked around the jar.

But regrettably eventually the liner will dry up. There was still quite a lot of product left in my tub and I felt it would be a waste to throw it away so I decided to do a little investigating and experimenting. I learnt about all the different methods to revive your liner and bring it back to its former glory and here is what I found:

Method 1: Glycerin

Just pop a couple of drops (3-4) of glycerin into your pot and mix. You can also pop it in the microwave for a few seconds if it's really dry. It will keep it good for about a month.

Method 2: Oil

Add 2-3 drops of baby oil (or petroleum jelly if you're stuck) and mix.

Method 3: Hairdryer

Heat up the gel liner using your hairdryer by pointing it directly onto the pot. Don't forget to heat the bottom and the sides. Do this for around 1 minute or so

Method 4: Microwave

Now this method is the one I decided to go with. All you need to do is put the pot in the microwave for ten seconds and it comes out as good (well almost as good) as new!

Now I know this goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, do NOT put the metal cap in the microwave

As you can see the liner is in much better shape after the microwave. It's less clumpy and glides on more evenly.
Obviously this new and improved version of your eyeliner won't be as fabulous as when you first bought it but if you don't want to go buy a new one when you still have lots left in the jar this is a handy alternative.

Thanks for reading. Have you ever had trouble with your eyeliner drying up?

I'm actually thinking of buying some new gel liner in a week or so if anyone has any suggestions for a different gel liner I should try, I'd love to hear them.



  1. I always use a revlon felt eyeliner,
    But this looks pretty good and it seems as though it lasts you a long time,
    I may have to give it a go.

    Kelly | My Blog: Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | Bloglovin' :Day Dreams & Daisy Chains | ♥

    1. I actually never liked felt liners until a few weeks ago, for some strange reason. I had one sitting in my makeup box and I decided to give it a go and now felt liners are really starting to grow on me!
      But I would definitely say that you should give the gel liner a go. It's super easy to use and just stays put for HOURS!
      Let me know how you feel about it when you try it out!

  2. I use this gel liner.. It's great! I was worried about it drying up eventually and having to throw it away.. but what a good idea :) great post!


    1. It's an amazing liner, I can find no faults with it (except the brush it comes with).
      I really didn't want to throw it away so after doing this I at least have it working fine for another few weeks.

  3. Some great tips. I've thrown away one too many gel liners because they've dried up and become unusable. Now I know I just need to head to my microwave. :D

    Juyey xx

  4. Thanks so much!
    Btw had a nosey around your blog, really like it

  5. Would using a cup/mug of hot water help? My MUA one is starting to dry up and the container is plastic. Dunno if it would affect it but I've been trying to research and no luck as most people tend to show the glass containers -sighs-

    Tofu x


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