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Blank Canvas Cosmetics: Contour Palette

So firstly I'd like to apologise for my recent absence  I've been extremely busy with both college work and looking for summer work (the search is still unsuccessful but I'm remaining hopeful and if anyone knows of anything in Limerick city please let me know), but I'm back now and won't be disappearing anytime soon.

So as you can tell this post is about the Blank Canvas Cosmetics 6 contour palette. I got this about 6 months ago based on the HUGE praise it had received from The Makeup Chair and let me tell you I'm delighted I bought it. Now when I first went to buy it it was out of stock (I was gutted), because it is such a big seller for BCC its often out of stock and you have to be quick to get it. So when I saw it was in stock back last October I instantly got my card out and placed an order!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are an Irish company and their products are such great quality and affordable.I received my order by courier around 5 days after I ordered it. Don't worry for all you non Irish girls they also ship internationally.
Apologies for how messy my palette looks! It's proof of how much it is used and loved.

So as you can see when I took this photograph I had already hit pan on two of the shades and since this has been taken I've hit pan on another. I have to admit I love this palette, it's so useful! The pans are quite large as you can see and for €10.99 it's a steal. I would normally pay more for just one similar pan if I was at Boots of Superdrug.
So as you can guess, I'm a big fan of this palette. It comes with two highlighter shades, a setting powder, a blush and two contour/bronzer shades.

 This is a matte white highlighter. I'd normally only use it to highlight a small part of my cheekbones as it is quite pigmented and I run the risk of looking like a ghost.

 This is a more yellow toned highlighter. It looks great as a setting powder for your concealer and to highlight the cheekbones, forehead and nose. Its light enough to highlight and not as white as the first powder.

 I adore this setting powder (which is obvious considering how little is left in the pan) It's perfect for fair skinned girls. I just pat it on using my powder puff and it matches my skin tone and gives me a really flawless finish. I can only use it for daytime though as it is a little on the light side and wouldn't suit me when I'm going out at night sadly!
One drawback to this shade is that it is quite loose (I think thats the best way to describe it) and has a bit of fallout. What I mean is that when you dip your powder brush/puff in it it end up getting lots of powder everywhere and you end up making a bit of a mess and losing precious product. This photo kind of shows what I'm trying to explain, see the powder that's all over the place in it?

 Now this shade is a wonderful light natural blush. I wear it on days when I'm not wearing a whole lot of makeup and it gives a really natural flushed look to my cheeks. It's a nice peachy colour and makes a great everyday blush.

This is the lighter of the two contour shades and is great for my pale skin and what's even better about it is that it isn't orangey coloured so there's no chance of me looking like an oompa loompa. It gives a more natural contour to my cheekbones and forehead and is barely noticeable (in a good way).

 And lastly the darker brown contour. This is a matte dark brown shade and I use it mostly for nights out to give myself a real defined contour (and to give the illusion I have model-like cheekbones). It's a bit dark for daytime wear but looks great when I'm going out and wearing tan and darker makeup.

natural light

with flash

So overall this is a must have for anyone who loves contouring and highlighting. It costs €10.99 and €4.99 for post and packaging. I will admit that initially I wasn't expecting much from this product due to this price but I was happily surprised with the quality and pigmentation of the shades. They don't just disappear off your face after an hour either! Every one of the shades is matte which I love because as I have oily skin a lot of shimmery products end up looking terrible on me.

My only downfalls with the product are

  • The fallout is the setting powder as mentioned earlier
  • The packing is quite flimsy and not very strong. It is a matte black plastic case. As many of you know I travel a bit and bring my makeup with me and I often worry that it will break on me when it's in my bag. So far nothing has happened but I don't fully trust the case.
This is a product I'll definitely be repurchasing and I would recommend to anyone looking for a nice palette that can really multitask! I've also purchased 3 brushes from BCC and they are all great quality and arrived quickly to my doorstep.
So have any of you tried out BCC or this palette? What did you think?


  1. I've really got into contouring a lot more recently, I definitely would love this palette!

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Please vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer


    1. I love contouring and the difference it can make, although I waill admit I'm a little heavy handed and I look like a put a brown line of paint on the side of my face in some pictures :\ But I would definitely recommend this palette especially if it's something your getting into!

  2. Oh wow.. that pale contour shade is amazing, it'd be perfect for me xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It's so great because it's not too dark and looks just so natural when it's applied

  3. Seems like fantastic value for all the shades you get!

    1. It really is! Considering just one of those shades would normally cost tha same as the palette. When I initially bought it I was quite skeptical that it would live up to my expectations but I felt that even if there was one shade in the palette I liked that would be okay....delighted when I ended up liking all shades.

  4. Great review - thanks for introducing me to this, I think I might have to invest!

  5. Aw thank you so much!
    I totally would encourage you to get it!


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